Overseas Professionals

Business English Coaching For The Australian Workplace

Ensuring Your Best Ideas Are Effectively Communicated

UNDERSTOOD'S language coaching equips you with practical information and tools that can be instantly applied to your daily work tasks. With increased language proficiency and confidence, you'll be able to better showcase your professional skills.

You can include any of the following areas in your Business English coaching sessions:

Written English Spoken English
  • Grammar and grammar trouble spots
  • Writing for business purposes
  • Spoken English for specific business purposess
  • English conversation classes for improved communication with management and workmates

Cultural Awareness Training For The Australian Workplace

Making Sense of How it all Works

Language and culture are two sides of the same communication coin. UNDERSTOOD'S cultural awareness programs give you the background knowledge and self-confidence to operate more effectively in your new workplace.

We provide the cultural context that enables you to know what to say and how to say it and what to do and how to do it.

You can include any of the following areas in your Cultural Awareness coaching sessions:

  • Understanding the Australian workplace culture
  • The Australian communication style
  • Sure-fire ways to check your personal communication style with those around you
  • Communicating informally with Aussies including the art of 'small talk'

The Language Around Job Interviews

Using English to Your Advantage

With research showing that successful applicants are detected within the first few minutes of an interview, these sessions will help you make the right impression by offering practical preparation strategies.

You can include any of the following areas in your job interview preparation sessions:

  • Understanding the Australian communication style (verbal and non verbal)
  • Australian job interview etiquette
  • Behavioural questions in interviews
  • Specific language around interviews